United Arab Emirates
Liwa Heights, JLT Cluster W, office 3407-3408
Analysis & statistics
We work with large amounts of data, so you can get detailed reports about your trips.
Services and analytics report
These reports are statistical and allow you to see how much money you have spent, where you have spent it, where you have traveled and where you have lived. You can select a company, an employee, or generate a summary report for the entire group, for all types of services, or selectively. You can see the costs for each department. The report can be downloaded in .xls format and analyzed.
Airline report
This is especially useful for those companies that already have or plan to enter into corporate agreements with airlines. You can track the fulfillment of the necessary indicators to extend or increase the discount.
Trips calendar
In order to know who and where is in a certain period of time, when a new business trip begins, we have developed a convenient travel calendar. When you hover over an employee or a trip block, you will see information about the period of the trip and the direction, services within the trip.