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Approval schemes
Determine when a travel permit is required and by whom
Every company has a structure, departments, departments, budget holders and decision makers. With the help of approval schemes, you can shift your internal rules to the system level and automate the process.
Approval schemes are located in the section My company
Users with certain access rights can create and edit approval schemes, define them for employees and departments.

You can create a single coordination scheme for the entire company if you correctly build the structure of departments, cost center managers. Everything is very flexible and at the same time as simple as possible.
How to setup?
You can create parallel and serial multi-stage schemes with an unlimited number of process participants. At each stage of the approval, one or more person can participate in different variations of the approval process - all together or any of them.

It is possible to approve not only trips that contain services in violation of the travel policy, but also all trips without exception, even the very fact of a business trip.