United Arab Emirates
Liwa Heights, JLT Cluster W, office 3407-3408
We issue air tickets and study the nuances
Tumodo integrates many flight booking systems and low cost carriers. This guarantees a wide selection and the best prices.
How to search for flights?
Click the New service button on your trip and select Flights from the drop-down list.
You will be taken to a search screen where you will need to enter your route, dates, and other options. Then click the "Search" button and in just a few seconds we'll show you everything we could find.
Search results
Here you need to decide which flight suits you best. Use filters, it will be much easier.
Fare selection
Click on the All fares button and you will be able to see options with baggage and other conditions for return and exchange.
Booking and purchase
Once you have selected the appropriate fare and clicked on book, a quick process will begin, following which you will be notified of the expiration date of the reservation and will be able to proceed to your trip to proceed, where you can issue the booked ticket or annulate it.
Itinerary receipts
After you have issued a ticket, you can download the itinerary receipt. Of course, if you have notifications turned on, before you download it, it will be sent to you by email.
How to refund a ticket?
To return an issued ticket, you must Request a refund, select the passengers whose tickets you want to return (in case there are several passengers within one booking). Our support team will process the refund.

After the refund of the ticket, you will receive a refund certificate by email and it can be downloaded from the trip.

Important! Tickets of most airlines, even completely non-refundable, can be returned within the current day without any penalties. To perform such an operation, press the annulate button.
How to exchange a ticket?
To exchange an air ticket, click Exchange Request, messenger will open on the right and you can describe your wishes. Our support staff will agree with you the terms of the exchange and will proceed with exchange.
Immediately upon completion, a new ticket will appear in the same trip, the original ticket will be saved with changed status to Exchanged.
Corporate fares
If you have a 2D or 3D airline contract, we will upload your contracts without any problems and you will receive a discount or earn corporate miles automatically when you issue tickets. The cost indicated within the corporate fare is already discounted, by the way!
Flight certificate
Important! Accounting department will require you to submit the boarding pass, but everyone always loses it. A flight certificate is a legal substitute for a boarding pass. It is available for download right in the trip.