United Arab Emirates
Liwa Heights, JLT Cluster W, office 3407-3408
Accounting documents, invoices, financial reports are stored here
All accounting documents are created automatically and stored in Tumodo, nothing is lost!
In this section you will find information about the following indicators:
Credit limit - if your agreement provides for a credit limit, then you will not be able to arrange services that exceed its total amount.
Arrears - the amount of arrears arises if you missed the payment of any invoice.
The total balance is the amount owned by Tumodo or Tumodo's obligations to you.
Balance replenishment
This section is only relevant for prepaid customers.
Simply enter any amount to fund your Tumodo account, select a company (if you have multiple legal entities) and click Create Account. It will be generated instantly and can be sent for payment. After the funds are credited, your Tumodo balance will increase by the payment amount.
Financial report
Here you can generate a reconciliation act online and see all expenses and credits by each day, see the balance at the beginning of the selected period and at the end.
Accounting reports
All accounting documents in scans and .xls, registers and tickets are available online and stored in the Tumodo system.
Invoices for payment are generated automatically, as well as accounting documents available online.
Inside each invoice, you can see the date of formation, the deadline for payment (according to the deferred payment provided) and other important information. You can download the invoice in various formats.