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Incorporating Tumodo into Your Company's Travel Policy

Efficient travel management is one of the key aspects of ensuring success in the ever-changing landscape of corporate travel. If you’ve been looking for a single platform solution that streamlines travel planning, eliminates paperwork, and ensures compliance with your company’s travel policies, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore the process of incorporating Tumodo into your company’s travel policy and the sea of possibilities it brings.

The Tumodo advantage

A comprehensive travel platform, Tumodo offers numerous benefits that can be tailored to align with your company’s travel policies.

Seamless travel planning

Tumodo simplifies travel booking and itinerary management, ensuring that employees can easily plan and book their business trips within company guidelines. The platform features a user-friendly interface that centralizes all aspects of travel management, making it a one-stop solution for travel needs.

Paperless documentation

Tumodo eliminates the need for physical paperwork by letting employees store and access all their travel documents digitally, reducing the risk of losing important information and making expense reporting more convenient.

Policy compliance

Tumodo enables your company to establish and enforce travel policies more effectively. It allows you to set specific travel rules, budget limits, and approval workflows, ensuring that all trips align with your organization's guidelines.

Real-time travel updates

Tumodo keeps travellers informed with real-time updates like flight delays and cancellations. This ensures that employees can be aware of unforeseen changes and stay safe during their travels.
Tumodo brings ease, convenience, and compliance to corporate travel. A company should take the following steps to incorporate Tumodo into their travel policies.

Evaluate your current policy

First of all, review your existing travel policy to identify areas where Tumodo can enhance efficiency and compliance. Factor in aspects like approval processes, travel expenses, and reporting.

Customize travel rules

Tumodo has been designed to let companies customize the platform to align with their specific travel policies by setting budget limits, specifying preferred airlines or hotels, and automating approval workflows.

Employee training

A Tumodo workshop with comprehensive employee training on how to use Tumodo effectively can ensure they understand the benefits of the platform and how it simplifies the travel planning process while staying compliant to company guidelines.

Integrate Tumodo with expense reporting

Tumodo seamlessly integrates in existing expense management systems, making it easier for employees to report expenses accurately and in compliance with the company's policies.

Monitoring and Feedback

Regularly monitor the usage of Tumodo and gather feedback from employees to make improvements to your travel policy and Tumodo integration.

Encourage Adoption

Encourage employees to use Tumodo and highlight benefits such as paperless travel, real-time updates, and simplified expense reporting. Offering incentives may also help to boost adoption rates.
Incorporating Tumodo into your company's travel policy is a strategic move that can streamline your corporate travel experience, cut costs, and ensure policy compliance, all at the same time. By evaluating your current policy, customizing the platform to your needs, and training your employees, you can transform the way your company plans and manages business trips.
Tumodo's innovative technology is designed to revolutionize corporate travel, making it an efficient and environmentally-friendly platform. Tumodo is the future of business travel where travel management is simpler, more cost-effective, and fully aligned with your travel policy goals.