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How Tumodo Benefits HR and Finance Departments

As corporate travel trends unfold, streamlined solutions are becoming increasingly important. Tumodo is a revolutionary corporate travel platform that simplifies travel planning for employees while simultaneously proving to be significantly advantageous for both HR and Finance departments. Read on to find out how Tumodo can benefit both departments and help with enhancing control, compliance, and efficiency.

Streamlines approval workflows

Tumodo eases the burden on HR departments by letting employees raise leave requests on the platform, automatically routed for approval, and tracked in real-time. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork, emails, or time-consuming approval chains, allowing HR teams to focus on more strategic tasks.

Policy compliance

Ensuring policy compliance is a critical aspect of HR's responsibility. Tumodo lets the HR department define and implement travel policies with customizable rules and budget limits, within the platform. This ensures adherence to company policies and controlled spending.

Real-time updates

With real-time travel updates, Tumodo keeps HR in the loop. When employees are on the move, HR can access the platform to receive notifications about their locations and travel status. This is an especially valuable tool in emergency situations or when employees are travelling to high-risk destinations.

Simplifies expense management

Tumodo's integration with existing expense management systems simplifies expense reporting for HR. It streamlines the process of gathering and verifying travel expenses, saving time and reducing errors. This not only benefits HR but also fosters a positive experience for employees who don't have to deal with saving every single receipt or cumbersome expense reports.
As far as Finance departments are concerned, Tumodo irons out the unpredictability of travel expenses and keeps all expense records on one platform.
Other benefits of adapting to Tumodo include:

Predictable budgeting

Finance departments often struggle with unpredictability when it comes to travel expenses. Tumodo solves this challenge by allowing companies to set specific spending limits, monitor travel expenses in real-time, and forecast future travel costs.

Expense overview

Tumodo enhances Finance's control over company expenses by offering a comprehensive overview of travel expenditures. Detailed reports and analytics make it easy for them to identify cost-saving opportunities, analyze travel patterns, and ensure that spending aligns with the company's financial goals.

Vendor management

Tumodo simplifies vendor management for Finance departments by providing access to preferred vendor agreements, discounts, and negotiated rates. This helps the organization take full advantage of cost-saving opportunities and maintain a consistent standard of service.
Incorporating Tumodo into your travel policy gives HR and Finance the tools that empowers these departments to manage travel with ease, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness while ensuring policy compliance. The result is departmental efficiency, ready to face the challenges of modern corporate travel.