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Tumodo — The Complete Guide to Corporate Expense Management

Managing corporate expenses can often feel like navigating through a maze of receipts, approvals, and reimbursements scattered across various platforms and emails. What if we told you there was a corporate travel platform that efficiently took care of all your employee travel logistics and expense management needs? Say hello to Tumodo – the ultimate solution for streamlining all aspects of corporate travel and expenses.

Streamlining Expense Submission

Tumodo simplifies the expense submission process by assisting both employees as well as finance teams. It replaces paper receipts with digital ones, meaning employees can snap and save pictures of their receipts on the app ensuring no errors or lost receipts during travel. It also offers customisable digital expense forms that allow employees to categorise and provide detailed descriptions for each expense.Employees are also able to submit expenses in real-time, thereby eliminating the need for expense reporting marathons at the end of the month.

Efficient Approval Workflows

Tumodo enables a structured and efficient approval workflow that keeps everyone in the loop and ensures that expense approvals pass through the right channels before getting approved. Approvers receive instant notifications when expense reports are submitted, speeding up the approval process and reducing delays. They can also review and approve/decline expenses on the go, ensuring swift response to expense submissions.

Real-Time Expense Tracking

With real-time expense tracking, you don’t have to wait for monthly expense reports.
Tumodo enables finance teams to access a centralised dashboard that provides a real-time overview of company spending. This feature ensures complete transparency and helps in managing budgets effectively. It also automatically categorises expenses and helps provide insight into where the company funds are going- making it easier to identify cost saving opportunities. Tumodo also seamlessly handles currency conversion ensuring accurate and consistent reporting on international businesses

Hassle-Free Reimbursements

Tumodo takes the pain out of reimbursements, making it a win-win for employees and finance teams, greatly reducing any room for error or missing receipts.
Once expenses are approved, Tumodo facilitates quick and accurate reimbursements, eliminating the need for manual calculations. The platform also keeps a complete record of all reimbursements for auditing and tax purposes. Tumodo archives historical data for easy retrieval and helps ensure the expense management is in compliance with tax regulations, further simplifying the reporting process.

Integration with Existing Tools

Designed for seamless integration with your existing business tools, Tumodo can work alongside popular accounting software, ensuring that expense data flows seamlessly into your financial system. You can integrate the platform with your payroll system for direct reimbursement to employees' bank accounts and easily export detailed expense reports in various formats to suit your business needs.

The Future of Corporate Expense Management

Tumodo is not just another expense management tool: it's a revolutionary platform that aims to streamline your corporate expense management into a seamless and efficient process. Whether you're a small startup or a multinational corporation, Tumodo's features and flexibility can be customised to adapt to your specific needs.
Ready to simplify business trips, say goodbye to the paperwork and spreadsheet headaches and take control of your expenses? Get Tumodo and empower your finance team to focus on what truly matters – strategic financial planning and growth.