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9 Reasons Why Tumodo is the Best Travel Expense Management Solution for Your Company

Navigating the intricate maze of travel expense management is a challenge that most, if not all, businesses have to deal with — regardless of their size. From approving travel requests and tracking receipts to pulling reports and ensuring compliance with company travel policies, the expense management process can be time-consuming and often complex and disconnected, making it prone to errors.
Enter Tumodo, a travel management solution designed from the ground up to streamline and simplify your business travel expense management tasks. It doesn’t matter whether you're a small business looking to grow or a large multi-national searching for ways to streamline its expense management, choosing an effective travel management solution is crucial.
The right tool can impact your company's efficiency, compliance and, ultimately, bottom line. Tumodo can be that tool; here are nine good reasons why.

1. It’s extremely user friendly

Firstly, Tumodo couldn’t be easier to navigate, and for something as important as expense management, this is key. Tumodo’s design is clean and intuitive with simple navigation, meaning even those who are totally new to travel expense management can quickly become proficient. And on top of Tumodo’s user-friendly interface, it’s also accessible anywhere, on both desktop and mobile devices, allowing travelers, travel managers, HR, and finance teams alike to track and submit expenses — even while on the go.

2. Everything’s integrated

Tumodo integrates your flights, accommodation, on-ground transportation, concierge and more, creating a seamless travel experience that you’re unlikely to find with travel agents or multiple third-party providers. Not only does this mean drastically simplified processes, but it also ensures that all expenses are tracked accurately. But Tumodo’s integration doesn’t just include travel processes; a business travel management platform needs to play well with other systems, which is why Tumodo can integrate seamlessly with various ERP and HR systems, fitting into your existing ecosystem without causing disruption.

3. Smart expense tracking and reporting

With its smart analytics and business intelligence, Tumodo lets you easily understand where your travel budget is going on a granular level, making it that much easier to identify opportunities for savings. Create reporting documents automatically, manage your travel documents on the go, and upload financial reports to services like SAP and Oracle from any device, effortlessly. Additionally, Tumodo’s VAT-friendly reports make it easy for you to calculate what you can take back from your travel expenses.

4. Compliance and approval workflows you can rely on

Tumodo's compliance checks ensure that expenses align with your company’s travel policy, reducing the burden on travel managers and ensuring consistent adherence to the rules you’ve set out. Plus, Tumodo’s approval process is simple and transparent: travel managers receive timely notifications and can approve or reject expenses with just a few clicks — on desktop or mobile devices.

5. Always-on customer support

One crucial aspect to factor into your decision on travel management solutions is customer support. Sometimes, automated solutions simply don’t cut it, and when there’s an issue with your expenses, the last thing you want is to try explaining the problem to a robot. Tumodo's 24/7 customer support ensures that friendly human help is available to you at any time you may need it. Tumodo even offers expense optimisation consultancy, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for expert advice on how to get the most out of your travel budget.

6. Security you can trust

Tumodo's state-of-the-art compliance and security protocols ensure that your sensitive information is protected, providing peace of mind for both employers and employees. Tumodo also offers customisable policy controls, so you can set specific rules and permissions that match your internal compliance requirements.

7. It’s scalable

Whether you have ten employees or ten thousand, Tumodo is able to scale to meet your needs, growing with you as your company expands. Tumodo's ability to scale is not just about handling more data but also about providing the right features and integrations for every stage of your company’s growth. Whether it's simple expense tracking for a small team or more complex policy management for a multinational corporation, Tumodo's platform can be tailored to match your business’ specific goals.

8. Better collaboration and communication

Effective expense management requires seamless collaboration across various teams within your organisation. Tumodo facilitates collaboration at every level. Shared itineraries eliminate confusion and ensure everyone involved knows the travel plans — without the hassle of constant back-and-forth communication.
Also, with various stakeholders involved, from employees and managers to finance teams and HR, communication can quickly become muddled. Tumodo provides a central platform where all communication can take place. From travel arrangements and approval processes to expense tracking, Tumodo fosters clear and concise communication to ensure that everyone involved understands their responsibilities and expectations, reducing the chance of misunderstandings and delays.

9. Easy-to-understand pricing plans

Last but certainly not least, Tumodo offers three simple, transparent pricing tiers — with no hidden fees — ensuring that you understand exactly what you're paying for. With Tumodo, you pay only when you travel. It’s that simple.

There you have it. At Tumodo, we believe that effective travel management is not just about managing costs; it’s about empowering your business to thrive.
With Tumodo, you're not only investing in a travel management solution that simplifies and streamlines your expenses, but you’re also embracing an intelligent platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, scales with your growth, and gives you actionable insights to help you make better financial decisions.
No matter your business’ size or industry, Tumodo is ready to partner with you. Let’s transform how you approach travel expense management and improve that bottom line. Get in touch with us today.