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The Ultimate Business Trip Checklist, Powered by Tumodo

Travelling for business can be daunting, considering one has to strike a balance between work and the many things to consider for a hassle-free trip. Let us take the load off your shoulders and present you with this handy-dandy business trip checklist for as smooth a journey as possible. So, grab your suitcase, fire up your laptop, sign up on Tumodo, and let's get started!

Pack Like a Pro

After you’ve signed up on Tumodo, it's time to pack. Here’s how to pack a bag that doesn’t let you down.
Essentials First: Start with your travel documents. Passport? Check. ID? Check. Boarding pass? Check. Tumodo stores them all in one place for easy access!
The Right Clothes: Plan your outfits, and then pack a couple extra, just in case. Tumodo's weather forecast feature will help you decide what to wear at your destination so you are comfortable at all times.
Tech Gear: Don't forget chargers, adapters, and power banks. Tumodo will remind you to pack your laptop, phone, and any other gadgets you will need.
Toiletries: Keep your favourite travel-sized toiletries handy. Tumodo’s toiletry tracker tracks your toiletry supplies and suggests restocking when needed.
Medications: Pack any prescription medications and a basic first-aid kit. Set reminders on Tumodo to ensure you take your meds on time.

Stay Stress-Free at the Airport

Airports can be overwhelming — especially when travelling for business. Here’s how to navigate through all checkpoints without breaking a sweat-
Online Check-in: Tumodo notifies you when online check-in is available. This means, waiting in long queues is a thing of the past. Check-in online, book your preferred seat, throw in a meal and you are on your way to a great start!
Digital Boarding Pass: Once you’ve completed your online check-in Tumodo generates a mobile boarding pass for you. Simply scan, and you're good to go!
Flight Details: Tumodo stores your flight information, including departure gates and times. It also sends notifications to ensure you are at the gate in time so you never miss a flight.
Transportation: Airport transfers can be tricky but with the right plan, navigating airports can be a breeze. Tumodo can assist you with finding reliable airport transfers and city transportation services in advance.
Parking: If you're driving to the airport, find the best parking options on Tumodo and book it ahead of time.
Lounge Access: Consider investing in lounge access for a comfortable space to work or relax before your flight. Tumodo can help you locate lounges and even make reservations.
Dining Options: Hungry before your flight? Tumodo can help find restaurants that match your taste and dietary preference at the airport.

Other Booking Details

After the most obvious booking options are taken care of, it's time to tackle other crucial aspects of your trip.
Accommodations: Confirm your hotel reservation and check for any special requests you made. Tumodo can store your hotel details for easy reference.
Meeting Schedules: Have your meeting schedule and agenda at your fingertips with Tumodo's calendar integration.
Expense Tracking: Keep track of your expenses during the trip using Tumodo's expense tracker and make expense reports a breeze when you return.
A stress-free business trip starts with careful planning, and Tumodo is a one-stop platform dedicated towards helping you keep it simple and hassle-free. Focus on your business objectives while Tumodo takes care of your travel logistics.
Ready to streamline your business travel? Check out Tumodo now and experience a smarter way to travel for professionals like you!