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7 Essential Apps for Corporate Travel

Navigating bustling airports, jumping between time zones, and staying connected with the team back home — corporate travel, while often exhilarating, comes with its fair share of challenges.
But there’s no need to stress! For in this age of digital wonders, you don’t have to go it alone, because with just a few taps, you can unlock a world of apps designed specifically to make your business travels smoother, more organised, and a lot more comfortable.
Whether you're a seasoned jetsetter or prepping for your debut business voyage, we've curated this list of seven essential business travel apps that are not just for everyday business travel but will also prove helpful in enhancing your experience as a whole. Let’s get into it.

1. Tumodo

You didn’t think we’d write this article without giving Tumodo a shoutout, did you? Tumodo offers a seamless and streamlined end-to-end business travel management experience. From booking to expense management to itineraries to reporting, this all-in-one platform is a must if you’re looking to simplify your corporate travel.
Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop
Price: Tumodo pricing plans

2. LoungeBuddy

Long layovers and delays are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in business travel. LoungeBuddy offers a solution, allowing travellers to purchase access to airport lounges around the world, and with amenities like Wi-Fi, comfy seating, free refreshments, showers, and even massages, it's an investment you’ll definitely want to consider on those longer layovers.
Platforms: iOS
Price: Free to use (booking lounges incurs fees)

3. Slack

For teams spread across different locations or for those who travel frequently, Slack is absolutely essential. It allows for real-time messaging, file-sharing, and has a range of integrations that’ll help your teams stay connected and productive — wherever they are in the world.
Platforms: iOS, Android, Desktop
Price: Free — $12,50pm (package dependent)


Need to find something specific in the city you’re visiting? No problem; download AroundMe. This app analyses businesses and services in your vicinity and helps you find exactly what you’re looking for: banks, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, gas stations, coffee shops, and more — whatever you need! Once you’ve located your target, lock it in, and AroundMe will provide directions to get you there without getting lost.
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Price: Free

5. iTranslate

Need a conversation starter in a foreign land? iTranslate’s got you covered. This clever little app will help you break down the language barrier in any situation — whether in a business meeting or out on the town — so that you can break the ice in the best way possible.
Platforms: Android, iOS, OSX, Windows
Price: Free

6. Uber

This one’s a no-brainer. Uber (or similar apps such as Lyft, Careem, Bolt, Hailo, or Curb, depending on availability) is undoubtedly the most reliable way of booking a cab, no matter where you are in the world.
Track the arrival time of your car from your device, be welcomed by a professional driver, enjoy a comfortable seat, pay quickly and easily through the app itself, and arrive in style to make the best possible impression.
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free

7. Calm

This one is an underrated favourite. After all, frequent business travel can take its toll on one's mental well-being. Calm offers guided meditations, sleep stories, and breathing exercises, ensuring that travellers can find moments of relaxation and tranquillity, even amidst the most hectic travel schedules. Don’t skimp on your mental health!
Platforms: Android, iOS
Price: Free to download, $14.99pm for Premium Plan


There you have it. We’ll be updating this post as we find new contenders. If you have favourite travel apps, feel free to share them with us! And remember, for anything related to business travel, we’re always here to help.
Happy travelling!