United Arab Emirates
Liwa Heights, JLT Cluster W, office 3407-3408
Instruction manual
Use flexible search filters and track travel statuses in real time.
Business Trips Data

Main Menu_Trips

The trips section displays all planned, ongoing and completed business trips.
Business Trips Search

Main Menu_Trips

Business trips search tool can be used with following parameters:
• By trip name
• By company name
• By employee’s last name
• By ticket number
• By flight number
• By reservation code (PNR)

Enter data in the search bar and click selected parameters in the pop-up window.

Main Menu

You can sort business trips by:
• Date, when trip was created
• Date, when the trip started
• Company and employees
• Services

For an even more precise search, activate the “My trips only” filter; the system will show those business trips that were booked with your profile. To see all information about the trip at once, turn on “Detailed view”.